What I am looking for

"People who have the power to face issues and numbers".

MODEL / desired character image

  • Professional workers
  • Person who has the ability to pull out
  • People who demonstrate leadership
  • Those who can be thorough about roles
  • People who want to focus on Microsoft cloud products

Engineers who did not have experience in the upstream process can aim for consultants and architects, as well as careers and income.

It is an environment where you can receive guidance and lectures from engineers with consulting know-how, which is said to be super-upstream, aiming for annual income of 10 million yen. In fact, a consultant who is from SE and has 1.5 years of experience has an annual income of 11 million yen. The secret of this annual income is to have know-how of upstream processes and profit sharing rate to employees is high.

Also, corporate culture like a venture company is attractive. For example, we can do prototyping (prototype production) in India and make a challenging proposal by taking advantage of our financial capabilities.

Because of the technical backbone of Microsoft and cloud products, it is possible to proceed with stable and challenging work. Start a career as an IT consultant / architect with high market value and aim for annual income of 10 million.

OPEN POSITION / Posting title


Consulting primarily related to the introduction or Migration Dynamics 365 / Office 365, do the design. There is also the case of the in-house support of the operation by the customer and maintenance.


Do the design and construction of the network and applications primarily due to Azure products. Responsible for system integration of a plurality of sub-systems.


Do the design and development of applications primarily due to C #. Actively incorporating overseas tool, to take advantage of the latest productivity high tool, to build a system.

Even if you do not become the immediate use of the above occupations, stepwise experience from projects similar, we will aim to architect / consultant to everyone.

JOB DESCRIPTION / Job Description

As an IT consultant / architect candidate, will be entered from the support of senior consultant / architect, in the end, business consultants, technology consultants, packaging consultant, development architect, will leave the role, such as PMO.


The Company, or to build a better and personal connections that are participating in the seminar of the system implementation project, by performing a greeting visit to the IT consulting company · SIer, we make an environment where you can introduce the project. Operating activities, to accompany the visit of senior consultants or the proposal that “if he is what kind of system introduction can be performed”, will be the attendance to the meeting.

Then, it involved in practices such as the creation of proposals and requirements definition document, after six months to a year we want to leave as the main responsible for the project.


Project period is different and a few months to several years unit, but it has many projects of about six months of the period. Resident on the client destination is the basic.

  • Bank-based virtualization information management management support
  • Securities-based customer management system rebuild consulting
  • Ad-based customer relationship management management support
  • Automobile manufacturing-based accounting business consulting
  • Broadcasting system operating broadcasting system re-building support other


Mainly performs development or SI business in the art of following. (Different for each project)

  • Development Products / Microsoft cloud / on-premise products
  • How to develop / cloud product customization (domestic), C # development and R & D business (offshore, English)
  • 開発環境/Azure、Dynamics 365、Office 365
  • Language: C # (server-side) / JavaScript (client side)


Such as finance, broadcasting, and real estate, the company doing the consulting and implementation support for IT against a wide range of industry companies. From so far cultivated and have trust and track record, I have gotten a lot of your request, it does not have at least forced the case to refuse from the fact that personnel is not enough. In order to achieve further business expansion in response to projects that will continue to increase in the future, now carrying out the increase in the number of this time IT consultant.

EDUCATION / career support

For those who aim to consultants / architects, foreign education engineers who are familiar with Microsoft technology, and training candidates. Technology and at the same time, in order to be proficient in English, you will be able participate in foreign projects and offshore projects.

“English” has become an important keyword of the recent IT human resources requirements. That said, the technical meeting in English, often use the same words and katakana of Japanese, learning is relatively easy.

English and technical training, Terekan, because done in the chat, regardless of location or time, you can receive (of course is free of charge in the Company’s employees)

JOB DESCRIPTION / item to be raised


As applicable to either of the following (Education unquestioned)

  • Consultant candidate: If you have the basic design experience (unquestioned is the type and development environment of the project)
  • Architect candidate: .NET development experience


Full Time / contract employees


Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 4-3-1 Shiroyama Trust Tower 27th floor

Throughout the city (according to the customer)

Telework (telecommuting)


  • Between 120 Day holiday
  • Complete a five-day workweek (Saturday and Sunday)
  • public holiday
  • New Year period Hugh leisure
  • Welfare vacation (4 days)
  • Have to Hugh leisure
  • Congratulations and condolences vacation


  • Bonuses / twice a year (May-November) ※ standard 6 months
  • Social Insurance conditioning (employment and workers ‘compensation, employees’ pension and health insurance)
  • Transportation expenses supply (monthly 100,000 yen Ma – de)
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