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Always about the companies that Anders facing the customer challenges.

Increase the efficiency of the work more easily 
we are to realize the popularization of productivity tools

“Representative Messages”


Representative message

“To maximize the lifetime value of the / customers in 99.7% of companies in Japan employee is Anders”

Andaz commitment since its inception, important in the thing, it is that “to resolve any IT problems of the company.” For the digital divide of small and medium-sized enterprises of Japan, digitization has become a major management problem unavoidable.


In a survey of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan has about 3.86 million enterprises. Among them are large companies 0.3%. The remaining 99.7% is the small and medium-sized enterprises. “To solve the digital divide problem in Japan of 99.7% of the company” – this is is our Andaz.
We are, by the power of IT, companies are eliminating a variety of waste, to achieve the world can concentrate on their strengths. Figure which we aim is to allow to popularize the strategy and productivity tools.
As long Many people take advantage of technology and innovation, the world is a more productive, become creative. Create added value, people would be happy. We will head to such an ideal.
Facing the challenges of enterprise, we pile up the improvement every day. Andaz is to draw such a future, we will face the challenges of the company.

Representative Director Mina Arai


Company Profile

company name
Andaz Co., Ltd.
English company name
Andaze Ltd.
105-6027 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 4-3-1
Shiroyama Trust Tower 27th floor
set up
April 2016 Accounting Period: March
5,000,000 yen
Mina Arai
  • Executive Officer Yoshihiko Fujimaki (Microsoft cloud business)
  • Executive Officer Ashisshu Moradia (Microsoft Solutions Business)
  • Executive Officer Yoshiyuki Komori (graphic design business)
  • Executive Officer between the Mie Ho (HR Solutions Business)
phone number
  • Actiteepi://andazekcom
  1. (1) collection of information, analysis, research and development related to the management and processing services, information services industry, as well as information processing
  2. (2) consulting SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  3. (3) Information and Communication, as well as investment, as well as the merger of these companies to Internet-related business, consulting partnership, goodwill, related to the transfer of securities
  4. (4) computer, the development of the peripheral equipment and related equipment and software, design, sales and export ⼊ business
  5. (5) Advertising and advertising agency on jobs and recruitment activities, publicity and consulting
  6. (6) All businesses before related incidental to each item
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