A group of professionals who accelerate DX from a management perspective

Who We Are A team of technology professionals who lead businesses to success

Andaze is a group of specialists working in various fields. Our team of business-savvy technology professionals catches the changes in your business and proposes successful strategies that are not just a "Pie in the sky". Then, we start system development efficiently, using superior technology of global standards. We provide solutions that lead your business to success at a reasonable price using the "Andaze Method," in which every member functions as a player.

Who We Are Provide added value with our accumulated know-how and speed

Creating added value with solutions that give us a competitive advantage

Andaze's strength is our ability to develop added value with superior development speed based on the know-how we have accumulated through projects in a wide range of industries and our experience in dealing with our clients' businesses. In addition, it is only a venture company that is not afraid of positive change that can continue to take on any challenge to the end. We support our customers in the mid- to long-term and create new value for their business.

Shared Team

A diverse team of highly skilled professionals.


New Business Service Development

From service content planning to design, development, and operation, we support the speedy launch of new business services with a sense of urgency.


UI/UX Design

Our team of professionals with a deep understanding of business and expertise in UI and UX will work closely with you to develop products that are both easy to use and highly satisfying.



Based on our accumulated know-how, we develop DX strategies that incorporate superior technologies. We support the advanced digital shift required in various industries.



We support the implementation of cloud services that can be accessed with more security and safety in accordance with the customer's business strategy.


AI(Artificial Intelligence)

We provide highly accurate AI solutions that solve business challenges and further enhance business value.


持続可能なシステムを廉価につくる技術 ~サブスクの取捨選択とPaaSのススメ~

ジェネリックCRMのご紹介 ~限界なくお客様の要望を実現~

Company guide from the president. - Andaze Ltd.

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アンダーズ株式会社 7周年記念 代表挨拶

Free PDF Book "PaaS-no-Susume"

Technology to "cheaply create" sustainable systems (FY2022 Edition)

Are you looking for information about inexpensive and flexible system development, but are having trouble pinpointing any of them? This publication shares how we have used PaaS to solve our clients' problems and make their IT investments successful.

  • How to Reduce SaaS License Fees and Reach Advanced Data Utilization
  • How to Procure PaaS Databases for Better Return on Investment
  • What is sustainable DX that can keep up with business changes?

This 100+ page guide explains in detail how to create a sustainable system using PaaS and what you need to know in advance. We hope you will find it useful in your company's DX efforts.

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We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who are looking for a new challenge, want to be exposed to the latest technology, or want to be involved in a new business.