Management Philosophy

Supporting corporate DX at the forefront of technology.

In this era, it is no longer possible to compete only on product quality and price.
What is needed to survive in the competitive market of the future is DX,
which drives business value at an accelerated pace.

Andaze contributes to the creation of innovative innovations
that add value to businesses and overturn existing business models.

Professionals with diverse skills create new added value
that goes beyond mere digitization.

Andaze’s Shared Teams are at the forefront of technology,
and we share a common philosophy.

Corporate Slogan Corporate Philosophy

Bringing innovation to Japan through global and superior technology.

5DNA Code of Conduct

(1) Dominate the market

Our basic premise is to propose services that establish competitive advantage and enable our clients to dominate the market. We promote innovative DX that leads to organizational reform and new business value.

(2) Management Perspective

Our top priority is DX, which brings the future to our clients, and we are committed to creating business models that increase sales and profits through technology while facing business challenges.

(3) Be particular about results

We will face any challenge and complete the project. We are committed to results toward the goal of innovation.

(4) Continue to take on new challenges

Because we have brought together professionals who have been active on the front lines of their respective fields, we are able to take on new challenges by leveraging our wealth of knowledge. We will continue to challenge ourselves with advanced solutions that question common sense and precedent.

(5) Thinking in terms of global standards

What is needed to create new business models is a global perspective. We will always provide superior technology and world-class service.

Andaze Philosophy

(1) Be a player

All members are players and accompany customers’ growth. We keep moving to maximize business value.

(2) Create synergy

Synergy is achieved by sharing each other’s expertise and know-how. We are a shared team that creates such synergy.

(3) Respect each other

Members with diverse abilities and experiences respect each other and their nationalities, values, and areas of expertise, allowing for a high level of creativity.

(4) Exceed expectations

We not only work as originally planned and directed, but also generate higher value ideas and proposals. We will realize business strategies that exceed our clients’ expectations.

(5) Never give up

We never give up until the end with high willpower and energy to complete the project. Even if we hit a wall or fail in the process, we learn from it to achieve greater results.

(6) Don’t evaluate by process, decide by results

We believe that results are the whole evaluation, rather than the process of how we proceeded or how long we spent at our desks.

(7) God is in the details

How to finish the details. Attention is paid to every detail of the source code to ensure the highest possible degree of perfection.