AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Andaze Ltd. provides highly accurate AI solutions that contribute to solving problems and realizing business strategies. From understanding the current situation to planning, Andaze's AI specialists, who are well versed in business and cutting-edge technologies, provide a one-stop service.



Andaze Ltd. supports companies that wish to "de-subscribe, de-cloud, and de-package" from the perspectives of cost, security, and system operation. Our experts will propose the best solution for you, from the creation of the system to its operation.



Andaze Ltd. provides "Prototyping, Implementation, and Verification" to confirm the feasibility of system development and to make investment decisions The first step to success in DX is PoC (Proof of Concept). Andaze offers PoC services for companies considering the introduction of a new system or the establishment of security.


Static Site Generator

Andaze Ltd. provides website construction services using the static site generator "Hugo" to speed up the display of websites and enhance security. We will deeply understand your current situation and propose improvement measures.


Recruitment agency services

Andaze Ltd. offers a total recruitment service that provides support for recruiting, hiring, and training. we support strategic recruiting activities by analyzing market trends and information obtained through our professional knowledge and collaboration with agents and partner companies, which we have cultivated by supporting more than 200 companies in their recruitment activities. We support strategic recruiting activities.


New Business Service Development

Andaze Ltd.'s new business system development services are flexible enough to adapt to change and make your new business a success. We employ agile development to quickly release the best functionality for your business. We also help you secure new sources of revenue and acquire new customers by effectively utilizing your existing data and offering it as a SaaS service. From the first step to the final system development, we will do our best to support your business.


IoT/Big Data Development Services

Andaze Ltd. provides big data development services that lead to corporate profitability, from automatic collection of in-house data using various tools and devices to processing and analysis. Andaze has a wealth of experience in IoT applications, so you can trust your big data development, which has the potential to become a major corporate asset, to Andaze.