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Andaze Ltd. provides highly accurate AI solutions that contribute to solving problems and realizing business strategies. From understanding the current situation to planning, Andaze's AI specialists, who are well versed in business and cutting-edge technologies, provide a one-stop service.
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  • Providing highly accurate AI solutions that help solve problems and realize business strategies

  • Why choose Andaze?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Development Services

Providing highly accurate AI solutions that help solve problems and realize business strategies

With the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now commonplace to analyze the vast and diverse data acquired from sensors and utilize it for business purposes. By combining big data and AI, it is possible to discover the hidden needs of consumers and create new business opportunities, or to improve operations at production sites to improve product quality and reduce costs. Andaze is committed to providing the best possible service to its clients.

Andaze helps companies that have implemented AI but are having trouble achieving the desired results to realize their specific goals and solve their problems. By starting with a niche area that is familiar, the benefits are easy to understand, and there are few variables, highly accurate analysis results can be obtained even with a small amount of data. Then, by verifying the effectiveness and expanding the scope of implementation while making improvements, AI can be made to permeate throughout the company and lead to steady success.

Andaze has actually conducted AI analysis and put the system to practical use (example).

A system for detecting appearance anomalies such as scratches, dents, and foreign objects in the manufacturing industry.

A system that can automatically set the optimal delivery plan in the transportation industry.

Systems that can improve the efficiency of warehouse operations in the logistics industry, and review the layout and lines of flow, etc.

Basic steps of Andaze-style AI analysis.

STEP1 Consider AI analysis targets that will have an impact on your business.

STEP2 Determine the order of analysis, giving priority to issues with “large impact” and “small variables

STEP3 Collect data from data collection applications, IoT, RPA*, etc.

STEP5 Start small with “niche areas” and “small variables” for AI analysis

STEP6 Utilize AI analysis results for business without relying on experience or intuition

* Robotic Process Automation, the automation of business processes by software-type robots

Andaze, which has a long history of utilizing big data in conjunction with the development of mission-critical systems, is proactively incorporating AI into DX with its extensive knowledge and advanced technical capabilities. Our shared team, which is involved from consulting to development and operation, enables high-level AI development. We further improve the quality of our products by repeatedly making improvements while showing design illustrations and PoC prototypes that are easy to visualize.

Why choose Andaze?

(1) Specialized AI experts contribute to business expansion

  • Our specialized AI team will contribute not only to proof of concept, but also to further business expansion and profitability, based on the know-how cultivated over many years in the AI and forecasting domains.

  • Andaze, which has been responsible for the practical application of AI in various industries, provides a shared team of specialists in various fields.

(2) Advanced AI development cultivated at the forefront of new business

  • AI implementation in business is a form of handling large amounts of data. Therefore, Andaz has acquired ISO27001 information security management system. We provide an environment that achieves ideal performance.

  • We adopt the open source AI development framework ML.NET for speedy machine learning modeling.

  • As a Microsoft certified Gold Partner, we will meet the potential needs of customers who are considering AI implementation and meet their expectations with immediate results.

(3) Provide one-stop AI solution

  • We provide consulting services at the time of implementation, as well as management of data integration platforms.

  • We can design AI algorithms that are ahead of the times in a short period of time.

  • Andaze’s AI specialists, who are well versed in business and cutting-edge technologies, provide one-stop service from understanding the current situation to planning.

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