Recruitment agency services

Andaze Ltd. offers a total recruitment service that provides support for recruiting, hiring, and training. we support strategic recruiting activities by analyzing market trends and information obtained through our professional knowledge and collaboration with agents and partner companies, which we have cultivated by supporting more than 200 companies in their recruitment activities. We support strategic recruiting activities.
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  • Total support from recruiting to hiring and training

  • Why choose Andaze?

  • Andaze Recruitment Agency Services

  • Effects of the introduction

  • Case Studies

Recruitment Agency Services

Total support from recruiting to hiring and training

Andaze utilizes AI to select the most effective media and methods among diversifying recruitment methods. We also provide a series of HR services on behalf of our clients, from consulting to recruitment planning, job posting, scheduling, and post-hire training, etc. We support strategic recruitment activities by analyzing market trends and information obtained through our professional knowledge cultivated by supporting more than 200 companies in their recruitment, and through collaboration with various agencies and partner companies. We support strategic recruiting activities.

We provide strategic recruiting support by analyzing information and market trends obtained through collaboration with our agents and partner companies.

  • Recruitment is time-consuming and not targeted to the right candidates.
  • Recruitment is time-consuming and you cannot concentrate on other tasks.
  • Want to conduct recruitment activities remotely.
  • Want to reduce the cost of recruiting
  • Want to recruit people for multiple positions
  • Want to hire experienced people who are ready to work immediately

Why choose Andaze?

(1) Consulting services before recruiters or agencies enter the market.

Andaze will develop a recruiting plan based on your needs such as “what kind of people”, “by when”, “how many people”, and “within budget”. We offer the best solution from a variety of recruiting methods such as various job media, recruiting agents, SNS, and direct recruiting, etc. We flexibly handle new graduates, mid-career, temporary and part-time workers in a variety of industries as well as SES in the IT industry. Our services are available to clients throughout Japan.

(2) One-stop support for companies that are not able to handle the human resource area

For example, even for a large company that needs to hire 100 people a year, there are only 2 to 3 people in charge of the human resource department. With such a small amount of manpower, many companies must be responsible for a huge amount of recruiting work, such as creating job advertisements, scheduling interviews, and sending out scout emails. In addition, some companies may have personnel in charge of both human resources and other tasks. Andaze provides a specialized team that can outsource such time-consuming and time-consuming HR tasks.

(3) Visualize the results of your recruiting activities with the new “POWER BI” technology

POWER BI" is a tool to “visualize” which process is the problem, such as when HR is not getting results no matter how hard the company tries. From the number of days it takes from application to job offer, to the names of departments that are putting off interviews, it all becomes clear at a glance. This helps to speed up the hiring process. Also, after hiring, you can look back at the numbers to find issues and make improvements.

Andaze Recruitment Agency Services

(1) Job ad creation

We create job ads to be posted on recruitment websites, allowing you to reach out to potential candidates who are currently employed but considering a career change, as the information is published on the web. In addition, since the advertising fee is not affected by the number of recruits, it is recommended when the number of recruits is large. Furthermore, it is also suitable for jobs that target inexperienced candidates or have limited job openings.

(2) Recruitment

This is a matching service that acts as an intermediary to find suitable job applicants for clients who are thinking of hiring. We carefully select and introduce suitable candidates through our own eyes, which allows us to conduct recruitment activities efficiently. In addition, since no fees are incurred until a job is filled, you can take your time until you are satisfied with the results of your recruiting activities.

(3) Direct Recruiting

This is a recruiting method that has been attracting attention in recent years. Simply put, it is a way to “single-tap” the talent you want. From a huge database of human resources, you can select and directly make an offer to a person who is close to your target. The cost is based on the database usage fee. Another advantage is that you can know each person’s work history and information, so you can hire people for immediate employment and a variety of job types at the same time.

(4) Recruitment outsourcing

We can start as early as the next day and ensure stable operations. Since the service is available on an hourly basis, it is possible to handle a series of recruitment tasks without having to cut out tasks. Compared to hiring temporary staff in-house or temporarily hiring an agency, Andaze’s professional team is safe and speedy with no training required. Our team structure ensures that no one is assigned to a specific position, so there is no risk of sudden resignations or absences.

Examples of use

  • Planning recruitment
  • Creating job advertisements
  • Sharing of human resources database
  • Providing recruiting know-how
  • Send out scout e-mails on behalf of the company
  • Coordination of interview scheduling
  • Updating job postings on the company’s recruiting website
  • Communicating with job seekers, such as notifying them of acceptance or rejection

(5) Recruitment consulting

Depending on name recognition, company size, and industry, even the best companies may have difficulty attracting applicants because they do not convey their appeal. Therefore, we design recruitment activities from a strategic approach. We will propose a more effective recruitment plan.

(6) Post-recruitment training

After successful recruitment, we start training the new employees. At Andaze, education professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the human resource field at major advertising agencies are in charge of training new recruits, manner training, and skill improvement training. We receive many requests from clients who are about to set up an education department or who are not able to handle training.

(7) We also offer the following services

  • Production of recruitment websites
  • Production of videos, advertisements, and cartoons
  • Support for exhibiting at events
  • Production of novelty goods

Effects of the introduction

  • Secure the desired human resources
  • Reduce recruiting costs
  • Enables safe and speedy recruiting activities
  • Reduce the burden on the human resources department
  • Improvement of skills after hiring
  • All industries suffering from a shortage of human resources
  • All industries that are planning to build a job site
  • All industries that want to strengthen their HR departments

Case Studies

(1) Case 1




To reduce the cost of recruiting nationwide and for multiple positions


To respond to spot vacancies and increases in staff from various departments, we used advertisements and referrals on a case-by-case basis, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Since there are always positions available, we set up an in-house recruiting site optimized for Indeed and Google Job Search so that we could immediately begin recruiting. By doing so, it became possible to flexibly recruit according to internal needs and reduce mismatches by consolidating the information to be conveyed. The company was able to reduce the cost of introductions and advertisements, and the site itself became an asset to the company.

(2) Case 2


Outsourcing (construction)


To solve manpower shortage in recruiting


Because the company recruits nationwide for a wide range of targets, from inexperienced to qualified candidates, it was constantly posting job openings on major media outlets. The company was unable to make effective use of the scout mail and recommendation functions of each media outlet, and had its hands full with responding to applicants and coordinating schedules. By providing proxy services for sending scout e-mails, the number of applicants was increased by approximately 18%. In addition, the company began to take on some of the tasks such as schedule adjustment and revision of drafts on a case-by-case basis.

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