New Business Service Development

Andaze Ltd.'s new business system development services are flexible enough to adapt to change and make your new business a success. We employ agile development to quickly release the best functionality for your business. We also help you secure new sources of revenue and acquire new customers by effectively utilizing your existing data and offering it as a SaaS service. From the first step to the final system development, we will do our best to support your business.
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  • Flexible and speedy system development that leads new businesses to success.

  • Why Choose Andaze?

New Business System Development Services (SaaS Development)

Flexible and speedy system development that leads new businesses to success.

A new business is a project with a large “don’t know until you try it” element. If the system is developed using the waterfall method, in which all necessary functions are determined in the initial requirements definition before proceeding with development, rework will occur every time a modification to the requirements or design occurs, costing a great deal of time and money. For system development to succeed in a new business with a high degree of uncertainty, it is important to quickly create a small system, quickly turn the cycle of improvement around, and improve the accuracy of the system.

Andaze employs agile development, releasing necessary functions (including SaaS) in a short span of time. If the client company has existing data, we determine what the minimum necessary functions are to verify the hypothesis of the new business, and build them in order of priority. We can conduct a PoC and then develop the system in production, so please contact us for more information.

●Andaze’ Style: Key Points for New Business System Development

In new business system development, rather than “carefully preparing to avoid rework,” we believe that “hypothetical miscalculations and changes in circumstances are bound to occur at some point,” and work on projects with a system that can flexibly respond to changes in initially determined requirements and designs.

Since agile development involves building from the highest priority functions in a short period of time, we can release a highly accurate system relatively quickly by completing core functions first and verifying them over time.

・ Shorten the time it takes to release a new system

Develop quickly because releasing a system after spending a great deal of time and money on development can result in significant losses and make new business difficult if it no longer meets the needs of the market and customers.

・Develop necessary functions in a short span of time

We keep man-hours and costs down by developing the minimum necessary functions in a short span of time, and we remain flexible enough to change the course of the system as circumstances change and to add functions as requested.

・Rapidly verify and improve whether the system you have created is needed.

We will reflect the results of verification by actually having users use the system and quickly make improvements. By repeating this process and releasing a system with high practicality and accuracy, we will contribute to the success of your new business.

Development of SaaS services for new businesses

An increasing number of companies are considering the provision of SaaS services using data collected and held by the company as a new business. The advantages of SaaS are as follows.

・Benefits of starting a SaaS service business

New businesses that provide information held by companies as SaaS services have the following 10 advantages.

1. Establish a new revenue source

By offering your company’s proprietary information as a SaaS service, you can establish a new revenue source that many users will use.

2. Effective use of information

By providing SaaS services, you can establish a new revenue stream that can be used by a large number of users.

3. Develop and acquire new customers

By offering SaaS services, you can access new customer segments, acquire new ones, and expand your customer base.

4. Build trust with customers

By providing information that your company possesses, you can build a relationship of trust with the customers who need it.

5. Understand customer needs

By providing information that your company possesses, you can provide and improve services that meet the needs of your customers.

6. Brand building/value enhancement

By providing information about your company’s holdings, you can raise awareness and build your own brand or increase its value, thereby enhancing customer trust.

7. Differentiation from competitors

Differentiate your company from competitors by providing a wide range of valuable information that your company possesses, thereby securing an overwhelming competitive advantage.

8. Collect data and understand customer needs

By offering SaaS services, you can collect even more data and use it to provide and improve services that meet customer needs.

9. Stable Sales and Long-Term Profitability

By providing SaaS services, more stable sales can be expected and long-term profitability can be improved.

10. Diversify business models.

By providing information owned by the company, the business model can be diversified and new businesses can be developed.

・Procedure for developing SaaS services

The development of SaaS services generally follows these steps To ensure the success of your SaaS service, Andaze provides .

1. ideation

We generate ideas for SaaS services to offer, review them, and select the ones that best meet the needs of our clients.

2. market research

Research customer needs and competitor SaaS services to see how the idea-stage solution differs from existing ones and what the market demand is.

3. Prototyping ☆

Based on the idea, we create specifications for the service and actually create a prototype (prototype), which is repeatedly tested and reviewed by the customer.

4. development and testing ☆

Select the technology stack required for development and actually develop the SaaS service based on the prototype. Problems and improvements are verified and corrected through testing.

5. Release ☆

We release the SaaS service (application) that has passed testing and is complete, and start interacting with users.

6. marketing

By publicizing and advertising the SaaS service, we make more users aware of the SaaS service and generate revenue by getting them to continue using it.

7. support and maintenance ☆

Maintain and improve the quality of the service by troubleshooting and other activities based on user feedback.

Why Choose Andaze?

(1) System development capabilities that can handle everything from expansion of existing systems to entry into new businesses.

  • We excel in system development that brings out the infinite possibilities of DX, from the digitization of analog information to new businesses that create new business models by analyzing internal company data.

  • Our experienced consultants and engineers, who are familiar not only with IT technology but also with business, clarify the contents to be systemized from a business perspective, and then design and develop the system.

  • We can start up a new system in a short period of time by using shared cloud services and libraries.

  • We also support PoC.

  • We are able to quickly identify trends and support the development of new businesses that are at the forefront of these trends.

  • If there is a difference between the hypothesis set in the project and the actual customer/market needs, we will quickly modify or add functions in response to the difference.

  • Our first priority is to lead new business projects to success by making proposals, rather than simply being a hands-on worker.

  • We not only develop systems that lead new businesses to success, but also propose business models and systems that can be synergistic with existing businesses.

(3) Business design support by specialized experts

  • Our shared team, with more than 20 years of experience, provides one-stop service from strategic planning to implementation, operation, and maintenance of services utilizing superior technologies.

  • We support our clients’ new business development objectively, neutrally, and within a feasible cost range.

  • We provide business design support by specialized experts for each business.

  • We are your strategic partner for everything from new business to business expansion.

  • We can also provide support such as business audits.

  • Our ultimate goal is to make your business profitable. We also offer post-operational improvement proposals and quality enhancement to achieve this.

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