Andaze Ltd. supports companies that wish to "de-subscribe, de-cloud, and de-package" from the perspectives of cost, security, and system operation. Our experts will propose the best solution for you, from the creation of the system to its operation.
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  • Support for “de-subscription, de-cloud, and de-packaging” in terms of cost, security, and system operation

  • Why Andaze?

Support services for de-subscription, de-clouding, and de-packaging

Support for “de-subscription, de-cloud, and de-packaging” in terms of cost, security, and system operation

Cloud services (SaaS), which have become indispensable for businesses, offer a variety of advantages, such as improved efficiency in operations and management. In addition, companies are moving away from SaaS, moving away from cloud computing, and moving away from package services. Furthermore, due to the limitations of system operations, an increasing number of companies are re-evaluating the advantages of their in-house “on-premise” systems and viewing their operations in a positive light.

Andaze will support such companies that wish to “move away from subsquare systems, cloud computing, and packages. Andaze will listen to your concerns about cost, security, performance, and other factors, as well as customization, in order to promote the optimal “de-subscription, de-cloud, and de-packaging (de-SaaS)” for your company.

● General de-clouding vs. Andaze de-clouding

General de-clouding

  • Migrating a SaaS built system to on-premise

  • Migrating systems from on-premise to SaaS and back to on-premise again

Andaze de-clouding

  • Convert to a form of “hybrid cloud” by making decisions on an application-by-application basis

Andaze’s de-subscription, de-cloud, and de-packaging is done by making decisions on a workload (application) by workload basis. Rather than moving everything to on-premise, we will consider cost, security, customization, system integration, and other factors, and flexibly respond by keeping necessary SaaS, and moving systems that require unique customization or high security requirements to on-premise. However, on-premise is not a conventional type of cloud, but a “private cloud (resource exclusive cloud)” in which resources in the PaaS are used exclusively by one company, and a “hybrid cloud” is built and operated by combining SaaS, a public cloud, and on-premise cloud, a private cloud. The “hybrid cloud” is a combination of a public cloud (SaaS) and a private cloud (on-premise cloud).

●De-subscription, de-cloud, and de-packaging using “hybrid cloud”

In the on-premise cloud within PaaS, a new system will be built with a workload design that allows movement between on-premise and SaaS, sensitive data from existing core systems will be linked, and only the necessary SaaS will continue to be used.

●Example of “Depackaging” needs

Company location: Tokyo / 350 employees / manufacturer
We used to use a major sales management system. However, because it was a packaged product, there were many specifications that did not match our business practices, making our operations inefficient. Therefore, we decided to revamp the system with full-scratch development optimized for our unique business.

Since this was a replacement of a system that was fundamental to the company, several companies with particular strengths in upstream processes such as requirements definition were considered as candidates. After consulting with several companies, we decided to request Andaze K.K. because of their shared team structure and the proposals we received.

During the development period, we received requests from our employees on site one after another that could not be realized with the previous package product. We continue to rely on Andaze for maintenance.

Why Andaze?

(1) We have extensive experience and deep business understanding of cloud solutions and “de-subscription/de-cloud/de-packaging”.

  • Our strength lies in our advanced technical capabilities and extensive know-how cultivated through cloud/de-cloud solutions in a variety of industries.

  • We are not limited to migration to/from the cloud, but also contribute to operational efficiency, cost reduction, and further expansion of business by taking advantage of the unique characteristics of DX.

  • We have acquired the ISO27001 advanced security management system (ISMS) to maintain and improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in a well-balanced manner.

(2) In-house, one-stop service

  • Andaze is responsible for providing services from strategic planning to hybrid cloud design, construction, and post-operation. There is no process that is thrown to group companies or subcontractors.

  • Our expert development members provide functions and performance that meet your needs at a reasonable cost.

  • We build a strong partnership where you can consult with us about anything related to DX promotion.

(3) Provide the products you need, in the quantities you need, when you need them

  • Our experts provide the best solutions for our clients, from the creation of systems to the operational aspects.

  • We build the foundation necessary for DX utilization, including AI services, data analysis, and APIs that make full use of advanced technologies.

  • We adopt DevOps*, a development method that significantly shortens development time.

  • We provide support for operational audits at the ideal timing upon request.

*DevOps is a software development method in which development and operations work together.

Free PDF Book “PaaS-no-Susume”

Technology to “cheaply create” sustainable systems (FY2022 Edition)

Are you looking for information about inexpensive and flexible system development, but are having trouble pinpointing any of them? This publication shares how we have used PaaS to solve our clients’ problems and make their IT investments successful.

  • How to Reduce SaaS License Fees and Reach Advanced Data Utilization
  • How to Procure PaaS Databases for Better Return on Investment
  • What is sustainable DX that can keep up with business changes?

This 100+ page guide explains in detail how to create a sustainable system using PaaS and what you need to know in advance. We hope you will find it useful in your company’s DX efforts.

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