“Mobile Content Acceleration” to reduce the waiting time until a web page is displayed


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages, commonly known as amp) is a standard jointly launched by Google and Twitter to enable mobile users to comfortably view websites. The literal translation means “faster pages for mobile.

AMP enables search engines to read information on web pages ahead of time and direct links from search results to them, so that data can be displayed without having to jump to the page each time. Users will spend more time on the site because they will not have to wait as long and will get a much better impression of the site.

Effect of introduction

  • Reduce the time users spend waiting for pages to be displayed.
  • Increased site traffic and revenue
  • Increased probability of articles being read
  • Prevent site abandonment rate information
  • Stress-free for users

Relationship between display speed and site return rate

When the display speed drops from 1 second to 3 seconds, the rate of return visits increases by 32%. When the display speed drops from 1 second to 5 seconds, the rate of return visits increases by 90%. When the display speed drops from 1 second to 6 seconds, the direct return rate increases by 106%. When the display speed drops from 1 second to 10 seconds, the return rate rises by 123%.

Exhibit: “Google - Find out how you stack up to new industry benchmarks for mobile page speed”

Display speed of 3 seconds or less is acceptable

We found that 57% of users become numb and give up visiting if the display speed of a web page exceeds 3 seconds.

Exhibit: “Mynavi 3 seconds is acceptable - Why website performance matters”

Also affects conversion rates

For page access via mobile, the conversion rate is maximized when the display speed is 3 seconds. As display time increased, the conversion rate decreased, and was halved at 7 seconds.

Exhibit: “NetShop Managers Forum - The value of “one second” in EC site performance. Display speed that meets user expectations.

Suggested Industries

  • Information and telecommunications
  • Manufacturing (e.g., EC sites)
  • Landing pages for advertisements (LP)

Product Image

Andaze will promptly build your AMP site with our AMP framework. If your website is facing any issues, please feel free to contact us.

Case Study


Andaze corporate site


When the site was built with WordPress, there was a problem with access speed from mobile.


By using standalone AMP, which is the same AMP page for both desktop and mobile, the access speed was improved. Reference: By entering any URL of our corporate site in the AMP checker, you can check the validity of AMP by Google and confirm that the functionality of this site was realized with stand-alone AMP.