“Chatbot Development” for 24-hour automated response to help increase customer satisfaction


A chatbot is an “automatic conversation system” that combines “chat” and “robot. They can reply to inquiries often received from users at internal help desks, customer support, etc., in place of staff using tools such as LINE. Andaze’s chatbot development is characterized by a high degree of accuracy that contributes to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Effects of Introduction

(1) User side

  • Users can easily make inquiries 24 hours a day.
  • Quick replies, so questions can be resolved in a short time.
  • Increased knowledge of products and services, resulting in higher customer satisfaction
  • Customers can be served online without having to visit a storefront.

(2) Company side

  • Streamlines the workload and personnel costs of the customer support department
  • Reduction of burden and labor cost for customer support department
  • Inquiry records are useful for business improvement
  • The accuracy of responses increases as the chatbot learns more.
  • Increase in sales by increasing the number of customer contacts

Suggested Industries

  • Distribution
  • Securities
  • Fashion, Cosmetics
  • Apparel
  • Food
  • Home appliances
  • Banking

Product Image

We can quickly develop chatbots using the Azure Bot Framework. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can understand your company’s current situation and plan your project.

Case Study




Reduce frequent internal inquiries to the IT department


Since the company was already using Office 365 E3 internally, we set up an inquiry bot with Bot Framework and Q&A Maker and made it available through Microsoft Teams. For atypical questions, the conversation was shifted from bot to human with the Handoff feature. After applying the solution, the majority of telephone inquiries were eliminated.