“SPA application development” that can provide comfortable web expression


SPA (Single Page Application) is a system in which contents are switched one after another on a single web page. The next content can be displayed without having to click on a link and reload the page. Andaze provides comfortable web expressions that run crisply, not to mention improved visuals and usability. This leads to increased user satisfaction.

Effects of Introduction

  • Users can have a fresh experience that they have not had with conventional web pages.
  • High-speed page display and function switching
  • Smartphone applications can be replaced.
  • Improved display speed and performance because parts of the page that do not need to be changed remain unchanged.
  • More advanced expression on web pages

Suggested Industries

  • Banking
  • Securities
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Public Sector
  • Construction Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Retail Distribution

Product Image

In recent years, native applications have tended to be replaced by SPAs. Therefore, when developing new applications, we recommend including SPA as a candidate.

Andaze can build SPAs in a short period of time with our SPA framework “BLAZOR”. We will contribute to the improvement of your business value. Please feel free to contact us if your company wants to solve management issues with IT tools.

*Native application…An application that is installed and used via an application store.

Case Study


Recruitment service industry


The response time of the B2B human resource information system was poor, and users were requesting improvements.


When aggregating personnel data, the company required instantaneous data display and comparison while freely changing search conditions. We selected an SPA architecture and created a prototype using the Blazor-Client model in WebAssembly, but found that there was a development productivity problem during debugging. We decided to operate with the Blazor-Server model for the time being and migrate to Blazor-Client when the time was right. While we are now safely enjoying the benefits of the new technology, we expect further performance improvements at the next time.