“NOSQL Database Development” for storing huge databases with data optimization


Database file size is getting bigger and bigger. In order to handle exponentially increasing data, such as real-time analysis while maintaining such a large amount of data, “data optimization” is necessary. Therefore, an increasing number of companies are using NOSQL (abbreviation of Not only SQL) as a complement to the conventional RDB (Relational DataBase Management System / Relational DataBase Management System ).

The database called RDBMS used until now had a normalized internal data structure, and it was necessary to refer to a number of master tables to display a single screen.

On the other hand, a database called NOSQL can be designed to retrieve the necessary information in a single shot. Furthermore, by adding more servers, the system can flexibly handle increases in data volume and traffic.

Effects of Introduction

  • Data can be stored in a format optimized for the application.
  • Store data without defining data types
  • Easily increase performance by adding more servers.

Suggested Industries

  • Gaming
  • Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Financial Services

Product Image

Andaze will promptly proceed with database optimization by utilizing AZURE COSMOS DATABASE. Please feel free to contact us if your company is having trouble storing large scale data.

Case Study


Automobile manufacturing industry


The company is having trouble processing the huge amount of data sent from IoT terminals


Store raw data from IoT terminals into a large database, Azure Table Storage. For querying from the system, periodic invocation of Azure Function aggregates and processes the data to create Json data optimized for display format. Then, by storing the data in AZURE COSMOS DATABASE, which can store flexible data, we improved the system so that the necessary information can be viewed from the inquiry screen almost instantly.