“Introduction of Customer Relationship Management CRM” for accurate analysis of information on existing customers for sales promotion.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an IT tool that has been introduced in many successful companies. Now is the time when developing new customers is important, while correctly understanding existing customers and implementing the most appropriate strategy for each of them will pay off. Andaze helps you visualize the analysis of customer information with its superior solution Dynamics365 so that you can optimize your outreach to your users.

Effect of introduction

  • Better understanding of existing customers
  • Increase repeat business of existing customers
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Increase in cost-per-customer

Suggested Industries

  • Wholesale and retail
  • Automotive
  • Information and Communication
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing

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Customer Relationship Management CRM centrally manages a large amount of information, including data analysis of existing customers, inquiries from prospective customers, e-mail distribution, accurate sales, and after-sales service. It is expected to be effective in increasing sales and profits. Andaze can quickly develop a system with Dynamics 365, a customer relationship management system. We can also customize the system flexibly to meet your company’s requirements and business.

Case Study


Medium-sized service company

Number of licenses:



Currently using Salesforce. Lack of cost to optimize CRM due to high license fee budget ratio is an issue.


The company was concerned about license fees and governor restrictions; since Office 365 E3 was already in place, Dynamics 365 was proposed. For data migration, we set up a real-time data migration pipeline from Salesforce and set up a 3-month parallel operation period. During this period, data registration from Salesforce and data reference on the Dynamics365 side were possible, and the two CRMs were operated in parallel using the same data. The migration to Dynamics365 was executed. A smooth transition was achieved.

(*Salesforce has many advantages, and Dynamics365 is not necessarily superior.)