Generic CRM for Customer Support

Andaze Ltd.'s solution Generic CRM for Customer Support provides smooth customer support for the omni-channel era. For a more efficient and effective customer support system to deepen relationships with your customers, please contact Andaze.
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  • Providing smooth customer support for the omni-channel era

  • What is Omni-Channel?

  • What is Generic CRM for Customer Support?

  • Main Functions

Generic CRM for Customer Support (in-house product)

Providing smooth customer support for the omni-channel era

This solution provides smooth customer support for customers accessing from various channels. It has a wide range of functions such as response history management, solution sharing, and document management. Customers can be served by operators via phone, chat, and SMS, as well as by AI-based virtual operators and chatbots that respond to customers in real time. It also has a function to help customers solve problems on their own by analyzing past inquiry data and knowledge prepared in advance through machine learning and automatically responding to them, thereby supporting more efficient customer service operations. Generic CRM for Customer Support," which consistently provides appropriate responses no matter what channel customers initiate communication through, is an effective means of deepening relationships with customers in the omni-channel era.

What is Omni-Channel?

Omni-channel refers to “a strategy to strengthen the approach to customers by linking multiple points of contact (channels) between a company and its customers. Regardless of the means by which the customer contacts the company, the conversation history and background information are transferred across channels, allowing the interaction to continue without stress, benefiting both the company and the customer. In addition, customer information is integrated within the company’s own applications, allowing the company to provide personalized, high-quality support to each individual customer.

What is Generic CRM for Customer Support?

Generic CRM for Customer Support” has the following features.

  • Omni-channel allows you to instantly connect and interact with customers who access your company through a variety of channels, including phone, email, messaging, and chat.

  • Centralized management of customer inquiries, from receipt to assignment of personnel, response, and resolution.

  • All of the various channels and the customer background information derived from them can be consolidated in one place, allowing you to see the information you need, when you need it, regardless of the channel you are using (allowing you to move seamlessly from one channel to another).

  • Because interactions can proceed based on an understanding of the customer’s basic information and previously obtained background information, time to problem resolution is reduced, leading to reduced customer churn and increased revenues. It also improves customer satisfaction by providing personalized support.

  • Based on the accumulation of inquiry data and pre-prepared knowledge, anyone can respond appropriately, reducing variation in the quality of customer service and the cost of training new employees.

  • By using machine learning to quickly retrieve necessary information, the burden on customer support staff can be significantly reduced and customer service operations can be made more efficient.

Main Functions

・Omni-channel functionality

Whether the customer chooses to call, email, message, or SNS, we will provide prompt service on that channel. When a channel is shifted, the response can be continued smoothly.

・Support Case Management

Customer inquiries are managed as “support cases. The registration of cases can be done in various ways, such as by the person in charge of the case entering the information, or by automatic creation from e-mails received from the customer.

・Routing function

Support cases can be automatically assigned to specific teams or correspondents according to specified criteria. It is also possible to change the team or contact person for different products or services.

・Interactive Service Hub

We provide a dedicated “Interactive Service Hub” screen for support staff to efficiently respond to customers. Information necessary for customer service can be instantly referenced, and response status is updated as needed.

・Productivity Tools

AI-based productivity tools to help resolve issues quickly. Virtual operators, chat, and other tools encourage customers to resolve issues on their own, improving productivity in support operations.

・Knowledge Management

Prepare and manage high-quality, information-rich knowledge resources to respond immediately to customer inquiries. This allows for faster problem resolution and reduced mean time to resolution.

・Queue management

If a problem arises that cannot be handled by the primary response staff, the problem is automatically passed on to a specialized department. Records of past interactions are linked as they are, allowing even complex support cases to be resolved quickly.

・SLA (Service Level Agreement) Timer

Automatically measures the time from inquiry to response and alerts the support manager according to the situation. It is designed to help teams achieve their service goals and prescribed service levels.


This is for the support manager to grasp the status of the team’s response at a glance. This enables them to determine which cases need to be handled on a priority basis and the workload of each person in charge, so that they can issue appropriate instructions.

・Case management

Problems caused by customers or support personnel, for example, can be logged, updated, tracked, followed up, and resolved. This allows us to find solutions to similar problems.

Andaze provides “Generic CRM for Customer Support” as a touch point between your company and your customers. All response histories are automatically stored in Generic CRM, and by integrating with other modules, a synergistic effect can be generated. For a more efficient and effective customer support system, please contact Andaze.