Static Web Site Building Services

Website acceleration with the static site generator “Hugo”

Hugo is a “website building framework” implemented in the Go language. As it claims to be a “website building framework,” it is not a content management software, but has functions specialized for generating HTML files and RSS files used in static websites.

However, for sites with infrequent updates or a small number of pages, it is much faster to build a static site using HTML files. However, it is not easy to manually create HTML files. For this reason, a number of tools that semi-automatically generate HTML files have been released. One of them is “Hugo”.

● Advantages of “Hugo

(1) Fast site building

Among static site generators, file output speed is especially fast, so you don’t have to wait.

(2) Top popularity among static site generators

There are other static site generators such as Jekyll, GatsbyJS, Hexo, React Static, etc. Hugo is one of the most popular static site generators.

(3) No need to manage servers

You only need a delivery server; you do not need to manage a server if you use a cloud service.

・Hosted at

Netlify、GitHub Pages、GitLab Pages、AWS Amplify Console、Azure Static Web Apps、Cloudflare Pages

(4) Automatic sitemap creation is also supported.

By default, it creates sitemap (sitemapxml). it is said that sitemap creation and fast site display are effective for SEO.

● Detailed features of Hugo

  1. No database is used, and all contents are managed in local files.

  2. Articles are written in HTML or Markdown format. It is saved under a directory following certain rules, and when the “hugo” command is executed, HTML files for individual pages, index pages, etc. are generated.

  3. It is implemented by utilizing Go language features. For example, the template mechanism for outputting HTML, etc. uses the Go language template function (“html/template” and “text/template”) as is, and the module mechanism for extending functions also uses the Go language. In addition, module management functions are built into Hugo, and modules can be added and updates can be performed using only the hugo command.

  4. Many “themes” are already published and can be installed immediately via Git. Themes are available on the “Hugo Themes” site, which has over 200 themes available. Each Git repository is publicly available and can be used by simply cloning the repository and adding settings.

  5. As the name “Website Building Framework” suggests, it can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is possible to build not only a corporate introduction site with few contents or a blog-like website to which contents are added regularly, but also a photo-centered album-like site, a software explanation site for developers, a documentation site, etc. (You can use the Git repository to manage its official website or (Manage official websites, documentation sites, etc. in Git repository).

●We recommend using the static website generator “Hugo” to speed up your website.

Static website building services can speed up site display and improve web performance without spending time and money, and without changing content or services.

A site with slow display speed causes loss of many business opportunities. If you can lighten the weight of your website without changing its appearance or usability, there is no choice but to do so. Website acceleration with “Hugo” is recommended if any of the following apply.

☑ There are many pages.

Page transitions must be quick to see where everything is, and there must be no delay in display. To ensure the effectiveness of great content, improve web performance!

☑ Many pages are used on smartphones.

Mobile users view sites under more adverse conditions, such as slow connection environments and access while moving, so fast display is a must.

☑I’m thinking of renewing the site/ Haven’t renewed it for a while.

It is much more effective to also perform a speed upgrade at the time of renewal. You can expect to improve web performance with a low budget.

☑High PV per user/owned media

If you have a site that promotes branding and purchases through knowledge enhancement, website acceleration can increase PV and repeat visits.

Static website construction service” using “Hugo” not only speeds up the website but also makes it easier for users to use. Please contact Andaz for more information.