Workforce Analytics

Andaze Ltd.'s solution "Occupancy Management System" provides a "workforce analysis (workforce analysis)" tool to increase the productivity of remote work promotion companies. The "Occupancy Management System", which can be customized to fit your company's policies and organization, is ideal for workforce management and workforce analysis for remote work promotion companies.
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  • Workforce “Analysis” tool to increase productivity of companies promoting remote work.

  • Increasing corporate concerns since the Corona disaster

  • Functions of the “Occupancy Management System” as a solution

Workforce Analytics

Workforce “Analysis” tool to increase productivity of companies promoting remote work.

Andaze’s Occupancy Management System is a service platform as workforce analysis software that visualizes employee work performance, which is difficult to see due to remote work and other factors, and analyzes digital activity data to provide hints for improving work styles. With this tool, we will improve business processes and increase organizational and individual productivity and employee engagement* while uncovering issues and problems faced on a daily basis.

*To build a good relationship between the company and its employees so that they can grow while mutually influencing and strengthening each other’s bonds.

Increasing corporate concerns since the Corona disaster

Human Resources Department

  • Remote work system has been introduced, but it is difficult to see and evaluate how telecommuting employees work.

  • We are also having trouble getting qualitative responses from business unit managers regarding their evaluations.

Information System Division

  • We want to analyze employee utilization status, but we cannot extract the necessary data and the analysis is not going well.

  • I am concerned about the extent to which I can obtain employee availability data from a privacy perspective.

Business unit management

  • Remote work is difficult to manage because telecommuting employees cannot see if they are overworking or slacking off.

  • Subordinates’ overtime work has been approved as applied for with no objective work status in sight.

In keeping with our “Trust, but be sure*” philosophy, Andaze collects and analyzes daily work performance data in our Occupancy Management System to obtain employee work hours, technology usage, and productivity trends while ensuring data privacy and compliance.

*Former President Reagan of the United States of America said

Functions of the “Occupancy Management System” as a solution

【Basic functions】

・Digital Time Management

Automatic acquisition of daily start/end times eliminates the hassle of recording arrival and departure times. Working hours and availability can be checked on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

・Real-time activity analysis

You can quickly see what your employees are doing right now. You can detect active/passive status, applications used, URLs of websites visited, mouse and keyboard movements, and the duration of each activity. The information to be retrieved and displayed is customized to each company’s compliance needs.

【Productivity analysis and evaluation】

Productivity analysis and problem identification

Analyze utilization and productivity by team, role, and job function. Compare the work of remote work teams and office teams to identify any issues that are hindering operations and productivity.

・Assessing Productivity Levels

Evaluate the total time spent on productive and unproductive activities. The system sets the applications to be used for each department or job, and evaluates productivity as high when work is performed using these applications during the PC usage time. It is also possible to detect the amount of time spent concentrating on work.

・Productivity Report

Easily drill down to see details on application usage and productivity analysis. Also understand burnout, engagement, and issues affecting work efficiency.

【Data Security & Privacy】

A multi-layered data security & privacy approach ensures the confidentiality and integrity of all data collected. Data is collected and communicated using multiple encrypted collection protocols and mutual authentication.

  • Data is immediately encrypted and stored using AES-256 encryption.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are used to protect and prevent the leakage of sensitive and personal data.

  • Limit the number of users who can access information by configuring a number of role-based access controls.

【Compliance & Risk Management】

  • Notification is sent as soon as a security vulnerability is detected.

  • Detection of external hard disks and USBs, as well as unauthorized file sharing, to control and protect the use of sensitive data.

  • If you try to access a blocked domain, you will be alerted.

  • It also tracks activities such as user deletion and agent removal from the PC.

  • If compliance risks are discovered, only that activity is captured.


Reduce licensing costs and streamline business processes by identifying applications with redundant functionality, used or unassigned licenses, and infrequently used users.

According to one study, employees who feel “constantly monitored” in their work are more likely to leave their jobs and less likely to be motivated to do their best. An “Occupancy Management System” is not about “monitoring,” but about making digital work visible to increase productivity and help employees achieve healthier, more rewarding work and lives, and a better work-life balance.

The Occupancy Management System, which can be customized to fit your company’s policies and organization, is ideal for employee management and occupancy analysis for remote work promotion companies. Please contact Andaze for more information.