Contribution to society based on our corporate philosophy


Contribution to society based on our corporate philosophy

Andaze is committed to “Bringing innovation to Japan through global and superior technology. We at Andaze are committed to promoting sustainable initiatives for our business partners, the people we serve, and society as a whole based on our corporate philosophy of “Bringing Innovation to Japan through Global Excellence.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value human resources above all else. There is no discrimination or distinction. Today, Andaze is comprised of multinationals from Japan, India, and other countries. By working as a team with a rich international flavor, each of us can specialize in the areas in which we excel.

  • Many employees of diverse nationalities, providing an environment where they can live and work in their home countries.
  • Telecommuting available
  • Various training and classes to improve communication skills in Japanese
  • Training programs in Japan

How to Work

It is the company’s responsibility to focus on the job fulfillment and stable life of its workers. We are committed to providing the most flexible work styles possible and creating a “rewarding” work environment that allows each individual to take on the challenges of what they want to do in their own way.

  • Full remote work availability and mobile environment
  • Realization of flexible and efficient work system
  • Introduced a full-flex system with 8 hours of core time. Provide an environment where employees can work while valuing their “individuality” without giving up due to location or circumstances.
  • Childcare and nursing care support systems that do not discriminate on the basis of gender, etc.

Employee Health and Safety

We believe that the health of our employees, their families, and the partners with whom they work is also important. We cannot continue to produce results without good physical and mental health. We are working to improve the working environment so that everyone can work with peace of mind and maximize their capabilities.