Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

We at Andaze have established the following Environmental Policy as a guideline to fulfill our responsibility toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Resource Recycling Initiatives

In order to shift from a consumption-oriented to a recycling-oriented economy and to pass on a sustainable global environment to future generations, we will promote initiatives to effectively utilize resources throughout the entire process from procurement to use and disposal of products and systems.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

We will comply with domestic and international environmental laws and regulations, as well as national guidelines.

Continuous promotion of target management activities

We will establish an environmental management system, regularly discuss and evaluate the status and results of our efforts through environmental management system audits and other means, and strive to promote and continuously improve our efforts.

Promotion of awareness-raising activities

This policy applies to all officers and employees of Andaze. We will also seek the understanding of all Andaze business partners and service providers, and ensure that they are fully aware of this policy.
Through internal education and awareness-raising activities, Andaze will foster a corporate culture in which each employee can deepen their awareness of environmental issues and take concrete actions to address them.

Stakeholder Engagement

We will reduce the environmental impact of our value chain. We will also strive to engage in dialogue and information disclosure with our stakeholders.