Value of Working at Andaze

Exciting days with exposure to new technologies. While holding the reins of a project, you can acquire skills that will last a lifetime. You will surely feel the significance of working here.

Ability to chart a career path in a position close to management

Andaze has a unique management style that sets it apart from other non-operating companies such as operating companies and fiduciary companies.

AndazeWhile providing solutions that utilize AI and IoT to clients with whom we can communicate fairly, we have also started developing our own products. By introducing products to the market as an operating company, we acquire marketing knowledge and stay close to our clients’ demands and needs. Since we can lead projects while learning about business in a position close to the management of our clients, it is easy to draw a career path from engineer to consultant at will. You can work in a way that allows you to focus on the future while improving your specialized knowledge.
General business companyThese are companies that are primarily in the business of developing their own services and products. You’ll often be working in-house, so you’ll need to make your own way to expand your network and catch up on new technical skills.
In the workplace, you’re likely to be asked to check that things are going according to plan, that you’re making progress and that you’re working properly. If you’re not doing what you’re supposed to, you’ll be chastised by your bosses, and if you’re making slow progress, you’ll be at risk of redundancy. You may also find that many workplaces have a top-down decision-making style and value people who do what they are told.
General Trustee Company(non-business corporation)There are two main types of IT contracting companies: those that provide consultation and services to clients, and those that provide services to clients.
- SES(Systems Engineering Services):A company that provides labor by dispatching engineers to client companies and receives compensation in the form of monthly or hourly wages. Since you will be working at the client company, you may face barriers to improving your skills or feel that you are not being fairly evaluated by the company.
- Solutions Company:A company that leads client companies to solutions for their challenges and issues through AI and IoT development. In many cases, the fee is paid in system units. In the case of companies that do not choose their clients, the type and position of the contact person for the client will determine whether or not the engineer can take the initiative in the project.

Discovery and goals, rather than plans, are the driving force behind development.

Even if you write a hundred design documents, there are still things that you cannot understand until you actually see the prototype. And even if you have a development plan, it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. As you go through the steps, the situation changes and you learn new things. Then you can be flexible and incorporate what you discover in the process. Even if this results in specification changes, I think it is best if we can get closer to our goal.
In a previous development of a trade system, we had to change to a completely different construction method two months before the scheduled delivery and rebuild the system from scratch. This was because we needed to take advantage of “discoveries” made during the development process in order to accomplish our goals.

A more flexible way of working that generates innovation

Andaze is fully remote and fully flexible. We also don’t work on a project with a last-minute staff or schedule. This is because if we run out of time or mental space, we will be mentally overwhelmed and will not be able to come up with good ideas. What we believe is necessary for development speed is

  • How to work without being restricted by time or place
  • Well-developed internal regulations
  • Openness to drink beer in the office

Innovation can only be created when there is room for discretionary thinking, room for leeway, and uniqueness. I keep asking myself, “What kind of support and environment can contribute to the speed of development? I continue to ask myself this question.

Trust and empower your employees.

Checking and instructing each and every task in detail will slow down the development speed. In addition, employees may become suspicious and think that they are not trusted.
We want you to be able to give shape to your ideas as quickly as possible, so we give important privileges such as “administrator access” and “credit card numbers” to employees who we deem necessary. If they fail, we do not punish them or make them take full responsibility. Development is a job of getting closer to the goal through repetition. It is important to learn from failures, make discoveries, and move on. We want to hear from you, from the bottom up, how we can make things better.

Think from what you have, bottom-up thinking

Top-down companies that focus on efficiency and productivity put a lot of emphasis on drawing up huge designs and plans. However, there are no realizations that come out of the actual product if it is just a picture. Then, the points that are really important to the client may be left out.
We believe that ideas can be found not from designs and plans, but from prototypes. In the past, when we were developing a trade system, the on-site engineers found a way to develop the web and application simultaneously at low cost from a prototype. That was a great realization that only the field could make after seeing the actual product. The idea was adopted and the building method was immediately changed. The hybrid application, which was rebuilt from scratch, was recognized for its quality and later received an award. There are times when a top-down approach is more costly or when there is unclear information. This can be solved by having the field provide feedback on how to make things better.

Overcoming language barriers with real-time translation tools

To ensure smooth remote communication even when fully remote across borders, we have incorporated Microsoft’s real-time translation tool for web conferences. This tool translates words into the native language on the screen almost as soon as they are uttered, making it possible to have a conversation while understanding the content in text. The accuracy of the translation is very high, so there is no need to worry about time differences or incompatibility. Of course, it can also be used as a record of the meeting, so you can go back and read the transcript later.

At Andaze, where you can grow exponentially as a technician and a member of society, we have a wide range of employees in a variety of positions. Find out more about our job roles on the next page.

Benefits of Working at Andaze

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Recruitment type and recruitment guidelines

Andaze is currently looking for people for the following positions. We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who are looking for a new challenge, want to be exposed to the latest technology, or want to be involved in a new business.

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