company-internal system

We offer a variety of in-house training and benefit programs to help you become an engineer or consultant who is valued in the industry and can be used in any situation.

Full Flex and Full Remote

Telecommuting is allowed, and we have a full-flex system with 8 hours of core time. The average number of days employees work is two to three days per week. Late night overtime and work on weekends are prohibited.

Implement the latest IT technology and security

Within the company, we have the following state-of-the-art development environment.

Virtual development team on AzureIt is a development environment that allows each member to function as a single team despite being located far from each other.
Team collaboration with Microsoft365We use Microsoft Teams, which allows us to chat, video conference, and collaboratively edit word, Excel, and other documents in real time.
Productive process management through DevOpsDevOps, a method that can speed up the development process while increasing its accuracy, will be used to run frequent operational cycles.
Using Microsoft products with Visual Studio SubscriptionAs a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have unlimited access to hundreds of Microsoft products and clouds.

Training and study sessions

If you wish, you can participate in training and study sessions offered by Microsoft. Participation is free and does not require permission from the company.

Eligibility for support

We also support the challenge of the Microsoft Certification Program, which certifies knowledge and skills in Microsoft products at different levels. We will support you in acquiring common certifications that are useful in the field and can be used worldwide.

1on1 meeting

We regularly have lunch with our representative, Mr. Arai, to chat with the staff at our offices in Japan. If they are non-Japanese staff, we ask them if they have any problems or worries in their daily lives. We don’t talk much about business. I enjoy the language exchange between Japanese and foreign languages, such as having them teach me Gujarati one phrase at a time.

Free snacks and free drinks

Free unlimited coffee, tea, tea, and water in the office. We will also cover the cost of snacks purchased at the designated kiosk. By the way, after 4:00 p.m., draft beer is also all you can drink.

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International colleagues

Our workers come from a variety of backgrounds, including Japan, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China. We enjoy cross-cultural communication within the company by working together and going out to lunch together.

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PM Meeting

Every Tuesday from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., we have a presentation session for PM and above members. By doing this across multiple projects, we are able to expand the technical information we have to each other, and it also helps to improve the skills of the entire team. Since it is necessary for members who do not know the contents of the project to understand the overall progress of the project, this is a time to develop presentation skills and the ability to summarize a story. We also hold meetings to anticipate inquiries from clients.

Project Meeting

Meetings are held mainly on a weekly basis for each project. The meetings are held to confirm the progress and coordinate information between the client-facing members in Japan and the development members, etc. If a team is working on multiple projects at the same time, the meetings are held at once. In the case of a large project, several PMs may be in charge of the project. Because of the time difference with overseas members, we try not to have meetings that are just a formality.

Training in Japan(Now in preparation)

We plan to have opportunities for them to come to Japan for business trips and training for newly graduated staff. We are also considering holding Japanese language classes for foreign staff who are interested in learning Japanese. We have a staff member who used to teach Japanese language courses, so we are hoping to create a place where she can take the lead in getting familiar with the language.

Do you have an idea of what it is like to work at Andaze? The following Andaze vision and policies will give you a more concrete idea of what we are all about.

Benefits of Working at Andaze

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Recruitment type and recruitment guidelines

Andaze is currently looking for people for the following positions. We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who are looking for a new challenge, want to be exposed to the latest technology, or want to be involved in a new business.

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Application-only form

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the application form here.To apply, you will need to submit your resume and work history.The results of the document screening will be announced by the person in charge.



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