Training Policy

What we are adopting is a management approach that does not depend on time or place. We do not talk about old-fashioned gut feelings. We create an environment for growth through objective judgment and fair relationships.

“We take responsibility for the lives of the people who work at Andaze.”

We provide a place where each and every one of our members can feel free to express their opinions and ideas without worry or anxiety, and where they can work as themselves in the long run.

Don’t impose your personal values.
Most of the old stories about “how things were when I was young” are outdated and inapplicable to people living in the present moment. In this age of diversity, there are many correct answers and meansures. Teaching with stories of past experiences is just “imposition” and does not help.

Don’t give detailed instructions for everything.
You may think you are advising the right answer, but detailed instructions deprive your subordinate of the opportunities to learn. If you want your subordinates to grow, it is important that they sometimes make mistakes and use their own experience to find the answers. Of course, when they have questions, we will answer them properly.

Engage in dialogue with facts such as numbers.
We don’t interact on the basis of “how hard did you work? We also don’t let meetings drag on and on. This is because we are able to manage the results of our employees numerically.

Create a place for fair play.
It is difficult to be active in a workplace where people are given special treatment by their superiors. We provide a place where anyone can challenge fairly based on objective facts, not subjective likes and dislikes by individuals.

Evaluate by “objective numbers”, not by “effort”.

Discussing things like “working hard/not working hard” or “motivated/not motivated” will make your business unstable because those things could be turned upside down tomorrow. Instead, manage and develop employees using objective indicators such as numbers. There are often bosses who only care for their favorite subordinates or impose their own values on them, but their poor advice can sometimes be a fetteres. We treat our employees fairly, but we don’t take them by the hand and train them to lead them in the right direction. We want our employees to be people who are willing to learn from practical studies rather than reading textbooks. And we will train engineers who can move with profits and needs so that healthy competition based on facts will be created.

Conditions for supervisors to foster top-notch engineers

What Andaze thinks a good boss is

  • Leave process management to subordinates.
  • Have them report progress numerically.
  • Quantify “contribution” and “operation”.
  • Manage “requirements, progress, and quality”.
  • “Find a problem” and point out.
  • Subordinates are driven by profit.
  • Evaluation is based only on achievement or non-achievement.

In order to realize the vision and mission of Andaze, there are three action guidelines that we tell our employees. If you can put these into practice, you can become a technician, manager, or executive who can work anywhere.

Vision and Training Policy

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Recruitment type and recruitment guidelines

Andaze is currently looking for people for the following positions. We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who are looking for a new challenge, want to be exposed to the latest technology, or want to be involved in a new business.

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Application-only form

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the application form here.To apply, you will need to submit your resume and work history.The results of the document screening will be announced by the person in charge.



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