Action Guidelines

In order to define what skills employees should learn and what they should be aware of in their work, we have prepared three action guidelines.

Be someone who can talk business with users.

Engineers tend to focus on the details of the system, such as screen items and specifications, and tend to forget the original purpose of the development, which is to bring value to the client’s business. It is also important to keep in mind that systems are strongly connected to management. If the user and the system are not on the same page because of a lack of management perspective, it is a loss for both the user and the company. The important thing is to work together with the user to provide cost-effective requirements, specifications, and design in terms that can be easily understood, and to gain their trust.。And lead IT projects. If you can do that, you will be special to your customers. If you can do business in such a way, you will be a special person to your customers.

Acquire skills that are rare and in demand.

If you are an engineer, focus your efforts on learning technologies that are needed but rare in the world. Specifically, time-series AI analysis, the use of big data, and cognitive services that recognize text and voice. The first step is to hone your engineering skills in the cloud. Despite this, many people tend to want to do data science first. Before that, learn software engineering first. This is because it is easy to go from being an engineer to a scientist, but the other way around, it is hard to be a scientist because you are too headstrong. Don’t be fooled by the hype of cutting-edge technology and AI, just keep working steadily and you will find your way.

Get the most out of the least amount of work.

Don’t just stick to what you want to do, but also understand the needs of your customers and the market. And focus on results rather than how hard you work. In fact, you’ll be more productive if you can get results without working too hard. Please lead the way in how to get results while having fun. And don’t be swayed by your own motivation, but be driven by profit. If you can put these into practice, you can become an engineer, manager, or executive who can work in any environment.

Next, we would like to deliver a message from our representative and senior staff to those who are considering applying. Please take a look at the real voices of our members who are actually working in the field.

Vision and Training Policy

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Recruitment type and recruitment guidelines

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