In service / cloud is a business introduction of problem solving to Anders.

More field of productive business,

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Business productivity / Office 365 business


The office products routinely used in business, is able to migrate to the latest cloud version, and improve employee productivity. By excellent communication tool, the employee is to increase the motivation, creating a good business. Office 365 is, team chat, online meetings, collaborate and share files, and provides group e-mail, the social network for the workplace as one of the integrated product. To meet the security and compliance that are required to Japanese companies, even in demanding companies in this area, we can smooth the introduction of advance. Since the license fee also two thousand yen / person each month, making it the return on investment is also easy to get service.

Maximize / Dynamics 365 business customer value


By CRM (customer relationship management) functionality of Dynamics 365, the status of marketing, sales, and service delivery will be visible. By managing the communication with a focus on customer, customer satisfaction in the various phases is improved and as a result, the lifetime value of the customer (the sum of the value that brings to the company over the customer lifetime) is maximized . 
“Better business”, “better service” is born by linking people, data, and the process. With the introduction of CRM as a management strategy of your company, to improve customer loyalty, you can concentrate on to seize new business opportunities. 
Use fee is also the month 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen / person, has become easy to get the investment products.

Attract customers system introduction support / Web marketing business


Web marketing is done under ready to connect to the sales (business).

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