staff Support from IT system to maximize productivity and sales efficiency

Increase sales with sales system

CRM business

Customer-centered communication management improves customer satisfaction and raises nature and customer's lifetime value (the benefits the customer brings to the company for his / her lifetime). "Great sales", "excellent service" are born by connecting people, data, and processes with a system. Let's concentrate on raising customer loyalty and grasping new business opportunities.

IT reform support method of working

Groupware business

"Work as usual, anywhere" - By freeing up time and place to work, you will naturally develop an excellent internal team without forcing you. At Anders, we provide team chat, online meeting, collaborative editing and sharing of files, group mail, and social network for work as Office 365 which is one integrated product. We have security and compliance required for Japanese companies, and the introduction will proceed smoothly

Make a mechanism where prospects gather together with nature

Inbound marketing business

As of 2018, the most effective marketing method for attracting customers online is inbound marketing. By constructing a dedicated website and automating marketing, your products and services will be accessed by companies other than company name, so that prospects come naturally without relying on telematics and advertisements Become.

Procurement and training of talent specialized in SMEs

Human resources support business

In small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to successfully adopt recruitment education activities mainly due to shortage of manpower. We will create an environment where people in charge can concentrate on business and fully support personnel affairs without waste and waste.

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